What is beonscreen?

beonscreen is a service which allows advertisers, such as television production companies, audience ticket companies, theatres, and other advertisers operating in the media and entertainment industry to place advertisements online to find contributors/ participants. They could be looking for members of the public, extras, actors, families, or children to take part.

Members can upload photos of themselves to store in their online profile. This profile can then used to apply for beonscreen listings so that production companies and journalists can see your photos and media.

beonscreen does not charge users to browse the listings on the website, nor to apply to any of our listings.

I don't have an internet connection. How do I apply?

Unfortunately, we cannot take applications over the phone or by post, so you'll need to be able to get online to give yourself the best possible chance of getting on your chosen show.

Local libraries or internet cafes are great places to browse beonscreen

Who sees my personal and contact details?

The only people who can get access to read the information you give us about yourself are the trusty beonscreen support team who are there to help, and the TV researchers who receive the applications you make online. You may hide your personal email address when sending applications, and you will be contacted via your online message centre.

No third party can get access to your information, and we do not share it with any other company or supply it to any researcher without your permission.

My password isn't working!
Very important update!

We've increased the security around your profiles, we take this really seriously. This will mean that some members of beonscreen may need to reset passwords before next logging in.

How do I join beonscreen?

Registering with takes just minutes, and best of all, it's free!

You will need to complete an online registration form to become a member before making your own profile. Your profile can be added to and edited at any time, so don't worry if you don't have enough time to write as much about yourself as you'd like to today.

How much does it cost to join beonscreen?

It's free to join beonscreen and you can apply to as many listings as you like, all free of charge!

How do I delete my account?

Log into your account and go to the Account page. There's a section with a Delete account button which will permanently remove your profile, photos and all applications from our system.

I've applied for a listing, what happens now?

Your application has been sent directly to the show you applied to. Please wait patiently for the busy production team to get back to you! Remember, if a show had an application form for you to download, you'll need to return that to complete your application. You can see all the applications you have made via your account.

I applied to a listing weeks ago, and still haven't heard back!

If you don't receive a response, it may be because your application has been unsuccessful and the TV show has not had time to reply. Sometimes shows are so inundated with applications that they simply don't have time to respond.

Can I have a joint beonscreen account?

We do not have joint accounts, but feel free to apply on behalf of someone else if they do not wish to become a registered member.

I'm under 16 but would like to apply to a listing

You must be 16 or above to register yourself as a member on beonscreen. We regularly have listings looking for people under the age of 16, and in this instance, you would need to get a parent or guardian to apply on your behalf. This is easily done and your representative can upload photos for you. Be sure to make the situation clear in the application.

It will however, be necessary for under 16s to be accompanied to any meeting / show by a parent or guardian.

I know the listing I want to apply to. How do I find it on your site?

We have a page with all our TV shows. Please be aware that some shows are not listed under the titles you see in the TV listings so make sure you browse the categories as well!

Do I have to pay for Audience Tickets?

Unless otherwise stated, all audience tickets available on our website are free.

I want Audience Tickets to a show you have advertised

Please check our free audience tickets to see if the show is giving away tickets. Some shows may be looking for participants at this stage, but not audience members as they're not ready to organise this yet. Be sure to keep checking back on the website for new shows offering free tickets.

How to get on the Beonscreen "Wall of Fame"

The beonscreen Wall of Fame is specially reserved for beonscreen members that have appeared on a TV show as a result of applying through beonscreen. Is this you? Please check the criteria and then let us know asap.

1. You must be a current member on beonscreen

2. You must have applied to the TV show you were on through beonscreen

3. You must have been successfully aired on TV

4. You must have a photo of yourself on TV or any other photo of you.

If you meet all that WONDERFUL you can get on the Wall of Fame. Email us the photo, the show you were on and your experience to:

I want to put my listing in the featured show section

Please select a Rush or Premium package when you add your listing to have it featured on the homepage and around the site.

Find our more on the add a listing page.

Can I add a logo to my listing?

Yes, it's really easy. Just log into your account and click Manage for the relevant listing, then click the Logo button. Images must be jpeg, png or gif format and no larger than 5MB.

Can I send my listing to the database again?

Yes, if you think you want to give your listing a boost, you can resend it in the standard newsletter or you can get an email alert dedicated to your own listing!

Find out more by logging into your account and clicking Manage for the relevant listing. Then click the Promote button.

I want to increase the amount of people visiting my listing

To give your listing a boost, you can resend it in the standard newsletter or you can get an email alert dedicated to your own listing! You can also change the summary text for your listing so that it's more catchy and attracts more people.

Find out more by logging into your account and clicking Manage for the relevant listing. Then click the Promote button or Update to change the text.

I haven't had many people apply to my show

The success of a shows applications depends greatly the criteria that you're looking for. Many shows that do well have very open criteria where a large percentage of people that view the listing can apply. If you have a much more detailed requirement naturally you will be cutting out a great deal of the potential database.

Also a very important factor that makes a big difference is what you're requesting the user to do, your require them to fill in forms post the application chances are you could lower your rate of successful applications.

To improve your conversion rate please get in touch with a beonscreen team member as we'd love to help you get the most out of the show.