New TV Game Show

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Applications are now closed
Applicants from All of the UK
Filming in Greater Manchester
This is you and your family's chance to win a host of amazing prizes!
We are looking for modern day ‘families’ of 5 to take part in an exciting new game show. Family ‘members’ could include close friends, neighbours and anyone else you would class as ‘family’. The most important thing is that we’re looking for families who spend a lot of time together, who are determined, fun-loving and up for a challenge!

All you have to do is complete a series of general knowledge rounds and fun-filled, skill based challenges.

So for a chance to be on the show, round up your most out-going determined, fun-loving family members (including Aunties, Grandparents, Cousins and even Marjorie from next door..) and contact us for an application form.
Applications have closed for this listing