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Are you good at spotting the bargains at antique fairs?


The Red team takes on the Blue team in a bargain hunt. Both teams have £300 and one hour at a fair to buy antiques which they have to sell at auction, hopefully making money into the bargain.

That's Bargain Hunt, presented by a team of antiques experts.

Once the teams have shopped for their antiques, the experts go shopping with any leftover money. Their purchases are 'bonus buys' and each team has to decide whether or not to take their expert's item to the auction. But there's a catch! Just because it has been bought by an expert doesn't mean that it's going to make money - it's a gamble all round.

Before the sale, our presenter and the auctioneer discuss the chances of each item making or losing money for the teams. The teams get to keep the difference between what they spend on an item and the hammer price at the auction house, so it's all to play for as the auction begins.

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Bargain Hunt is produced for the BBC by BBC Studios

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