Are you a Super Saver?

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Are you a super saver who's brilliant at putting money away for a rainy day despite the low interest rates.
Putting spare cash into a savings account has been the norm for generations.

But millions of us don't bother now - preferring to splash the cash.

But you can't build a nest egg if you don't save?

We're looking for people who are trying to save for the future and who have an interesting story to tell.

Are you trying to save for something big eg you have moved back to your parents to save for a house deposit?

Or do you just feel more secure knowing you have some emergency cash if times get tough.

Do you have some tips about what to do to help savers?

Have you got a plan for saving into a rainy day fund?

If you have an interesting story to tell, please contact us with the details of your story.
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