Come Dine With Me needs Amateur chefs

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Applicants from All of the UK
Filming in All of the UK
We need 4 amateur chefs urgently in varying locations! Best host chef wins a ?1,000 cash prize!
'COME DINE WITH ME' - Granada factual is looking for four amateur chefs.

Granada Television is looking for new contestants in the Newcastle/Gateshead, Oxford, Exeter, Newport/Gwent, Blackpool and Aberdeen areas to take part in the new, prime-time series of the hugely popular show, 'Come Dine with Me'.

We are looking for people urgently in the Newcastle/Gateshead area, so APPLY NOW.

In each episode, we visit a different town or city in the UK. We pick four enthusiastic amateur chefs who don?t know each-other and ask them to take it in turns to host a dinner party for the other three.

At the end of the week the best host wins a ?1,000 cash prize.

Please apply now to take part or for more information.
Applications have closed for this listing