Documentary Series Looking For Couples

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Apply by 28th July, 2019
Applicants from All of the UK
Filming in All of the UK
Looking for couples to work with a pioneering therapist for new documentary series
Renowned Films are producing a new TV documentary series about relationships. Taking a non-judgmental look at how to heal relationship issues, and repair and reinvent partnerships.

We're looking for UK couples who need the help of the world's best relationship expert to rebuild trust.

Has the relationship been impacted by infidelity? Do you need help to build trust and move forward?

Are you in a committed relationship but issues are causing friction?

Do you still love each other but are finding it hard to move forward?

The series will be a positive look at healing relationships and building positive mental health.

Get in touch if you think we could help you and your partner.

****All conversations with our producers are held in strict confidentiality.*****