The True Cost of Debt

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What is debt stopping you from doing? Is your family sinking into debt despite your best efforts? Get in touch.
ITV's Tonight Programme is a single issue current affairs series appearing on Thursday nights at 7.30pm.

The subject for this one is debt - how it happens, the impact it has on lives, and how it can be sorted out.

They say that many of us are only one pay cheque away from getting into debt.

A big ticket item may have pushed you over the edge - new home, wedding, new car.

You may have been pitched into debt by an unexpected life event: unemployment, sickness, relationship breakdown, a new baby.

Or you may be slowly sinking into debt because your income does not match your outgoings.

We're looking at the problem and the solutions.

If you think you can help or can benefit from appearing in this programme, contact us.

It may be even be that you have been through a debt problem recently and have advice on how to emerge out the other side.

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