Talent / TV Extras

Logo for  Paid 3 Friends - £250 Flat Fee (Roller Coaster Fear Factor Challenge)
A big social media company is looking for 3 friends for a unique fear factor style challenge.
Logo for  Paid Armed Police Officer (Video Game Project)
Seeking actors for a video game project shooting in Knaphill
Logo for  Paid Background Extra (Health Assured)
Seeking supporting artists for an online video project shooting in London
Logo for  Paid Balloon Seller (Harder To Pretend)
We're casting several roles for a music video for an exciting new UK pop rock act.
Logo for  Paid Body Double - £645/Day (Klarna: Body Double)
Seeking an Actor for Klarna: Body Double to fly to Prague, Czech Republic.
Logo for  Paid Bus Passenger (First Bus)
Seeking actors for a bus company online ad project shooting in Glasgow
Logo for  Paid Contributor (Educational Documentary Project)
We are producing a short documentary to be used in the classroom about scams and how to avoid them. As part o...
Logo for  Paid Dad - £200/Day (Power Sheds)
Seeking actors for a shed brand commercial shooting in Roughlee
Logo for  Paid Exotic Dancer (Mini Documentary - 'The Life of Strippers')
We are seeking current and former exotic dancers for a documentary project
Logo for  Paid Extra (Elephant Park Corporate Promo)
Seeking extras for a corporate promo film shooting in London