Talent / TV Extras

Logo for  Pay Male Actor - Caucasian Male, Alaska TV
Actors needed 25th april at swordtail studios in haggerston e8. faa/pact - £100 for a full day. £50 for a hal...
Logo for  Pay Male Actor - Clive D. Cross, Ground Control
Ground Control is a 35 minutes science fiction short film about two alien brothers who crash land on earth.
Logo for  Pay Male Actor - Darren - Plumber, Comedy Viral Video
On The Tools are currently looking for one actor to play a plumber in a viral video.
Logo for  Pay Male Actor - Developer, Non-Speaking Online Content Piece - £400
Non dialogue online branded content piece, shot in front of a green screen whilst sitting at a desk.
Logo for  Pay Male Actor - Fan 1, Betting App Online Shoot - £250 per day
The scene is set with them mainly together at one of their homes. We capture the lead up to and the excitemen...
Logo for  Pay Male Actor - Hand model 1, Three / Phone Button Noises
We need 2 hand models for our shoot next week on Thursday 18th April; Shoot will be in London.
Logo for  Pay Male Actor - Husband, Actor / Model for Fashion Video
Looking for a male actor/model for a fashion video shoot. The client is an established luxury leather bag bra...
Logo for  Pay Male Actor - International Business Man, Blue Sky Thinking Pick Up
Very simple job, needs to be conducted and recorded over Skype. Will take no more than 5 minutes and requires...
Logo for  Pay Male Actor - Justin, Promo Film
I’m looking for 1 actor/model (aged 50+, M) for a PAID promo film I’m directing and producing. Shoot is betwe...