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Changing lives. Anything can happen when you go on TV !!

come dine with me

The first show was Come dine with me, followed by the Colleen Nolan show on Sky1 where I discussed the Menapause. My experience on both shows were fun and enlightening. On come dine with me I had fun annoying one of the other contestants and on the Colleen Nolan show I felt much better talking to a professional knowing I was not crazy and the feelings I had and felt was normal.

I was on Brendans Loveboat Channel 4
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I went on an all expenses paid cruise on the Mediterranean for a week. It was the most amazing week I've ever had. There were 38 of us and we all got put on dates through a process of Pickers and pickees. We had to try and win the date if we were the pickee by doing fun things e.g making cocktails, walking a cat walk or dancing. I went on two dates during the week and the rest of the time I was filmed having fun on the ship and enjoying everyone's company. I didn't find love on the cruise but I sure made a big group of friends for life.


I went for an audition a couple of years ago to GMTV in Camden Town (through your site info) and was in a CITV Programme for a year, on each week – with several repeats - It was called ‘ COOL STUFF COLLECTTIVE’ aimed at children of all ages really. Eventually on the second series we filmed at Shepherd’s Bush Studios with our own private Dressing Room. WOW! I was a ‘Pop Crash Grannie’ with another Lady, with whom I am still friends. I was allowed , within reason to dress as I thought suitable, so I wore a Glitter Wig from time to time & made some of my own Pop! Type clothes, as we both was shown the latest realises on the Music World, and we then had to say just what we thought, in between hilarious different scenes. It was Fantastic so thank you for that. So Once again Thank you so much BeOnScreen. for giving people like me to live a dream for a while. - Victoria Burton

Most TV Quiz Show Appearances
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I have now been validated by the Guinness Book Of World Records for ‘The Most TV Quiz Show Appearances, which numbers 34 shows from 1982-2013. Many of my recent TV quiz show appearances have led from Be On Screen calls for contestants, so thanks to all concerned! I am a TV quiz show addict and nice to share my memories with other contestants on this Wall Of Fame. Some of us may even meet on a future show!

DAVE chawner - 4 shows and counting
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I have loved doing shows for Beonscreen, it's always been a lot of fun and a ridiculous anecdote in the making. If you want a funny story to tell at dinner parties or to a stranger in the pub (if you are that lonely!) then get involved!

Food Glorious Food!
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My name is Joanna Harrison Makuch and I was a contestant on ITV1's new series Food Glorious Food! This experience gave me more confidence and I start belive I can cook believe I can cook not only good look . I meet very nice people and friends what stay forever

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My experience of deal or no deal was phenomenal, filming 27 episodes with Noel and the fabulous production team/make up and wardrobe people. It was a great after show experience at the hotel also on the evenings after the days filming – really a once in a life time event.

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I was featured on BBC 3's "Can't stop .... exercising" I was followed by a film crew as I took part in the 145 mile non stop running event that is the GRAND UNION CANAL RACE- a race from Birmingham to London. I finished 2nd on the day and I had a film crew to witness the achievement.

aimee jones
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Face the Clock - Channel 4 I got to be a contestant on face the clock back in november 2012 Though i didn't win anything, the experience was amazing and i still speak to some of the contestants who i was on with. I did myself proud and have definately now got the gameshow bug!

i was on channel 4

I appeared on the channel four show called the clock in January this year and had a fab time, put up in a hotel with expenses and travelled up by train. Was knocked out of the show by a fellow geordie but hey that's how it goes. Thanks Beonscreen xxxxxxxxxx

I was on RICHArd and judy

I was on “Richard and Judy” showing the episode “My mum can’t cook” – it was around June / July 2007 i think! The whole experience was great! The camera men (although they had a mare as I live on the flight path!), the Director and of course, the lovely Sally Ann. The arrived about 10.30am and left around 5pm. It was a lot more tiring than I thought – It’s hard to smile ALL DAY! Ha ha. Would definitely recommend it ;) x

Did not expect to be picked
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I was on “The Renovation Game” C4 and i did not expect to be picked for this show in a million years, I was out of work and could not finish my home extension living in a half completed home for over a year the TV production team were fantastic and helpful giving my family a lovely finished home.

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I have been on im a celebrity get me out of here now itv2 I was asked on who I would like to win Also was on deal or no deal was asked to call out no deal and Noel interviewed me briefly on why I would no deal haha great fun! Also had a seat right behind the judges at one of the xfactor finals! All through beonscreen I have done many tv and mag features too being a model this is excellent exposure for me and I love meeting the lovely people too! :)) I have now applied for the new catchphrase really hoping I get short listed!

The Year of Making Love (BBC3)
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Show i Appeared on - The Year of Making Love (BBC3) It was an experiement creating 500 new couples using the power of science, and following thier progress over the course of the year. Experience - a whirlwind romance that only lasted a month, although science had put us both together, we ended up being two completely different people. it was quite a surreal experience and something i haven't regretted one bit, because it never worked and i would do it all over again, and hopefully find the right partner next time

I got married on Channel 4
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Thanks to Beonscreen I had my wedding fantasy come true on Channel 4's Wedding House in June 2010.

Kelly Callaghan
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Hi my name is Kelly Callaghan The very first show I ever appeared on was for Channel 4 it was titled What The Butler Saw it was a reality show that tried to show how well a "commoner " would fit in with modern aristocracy. This was one of the best experiences of my life in which I got to do things I never would have done in my regular day to day life. I enjoyed every moment of it and given the chance would do it all again. When I came out of the house I then got the "bug" I registered myself with Beonscreen and since then have appeared on several game shows. The first game show I appeared on was Are you Smarter Than A Ten Year Old on which I won £5000. This is the one that most people recognise me from even though it was roughly 6/7 years ago and I have never seen it. I then appeared on a satirical discussion show with Jack Whitehall...before he was famous...1vs 100 where I reached the final! So would like to say Thank You Beonscreen

DUDLEY WON £50,000 !!!!!!
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This show was the first in the series on BBC1 on Saturday 23rd April 2005. The Show was called Come and Have A Go with Julian Clary. I was part of The National Lottery Show "Dudley Valentine and Lynne Gray couldn't believe their luck when they scooped £50,000 on the jackpot ladder in the first show! The pair said they plan to spend their winnings on a "much needed holiday" but the cash will also go towards paying off their kid's student loans and some home improvements, namely recently installed windows that need a bit of tender loving cash!" Dudley Valentine

BEONSCREEN got me on catchphrase and more!
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I was on Total Wipeout, The Great British Taste Tour and Catchphrase 6 years ago I went on my 1st ever game show. I was flown to Argentina and competed on Total Wipeout. A once in a life time experience that actually turned out to be a twice in a life time experience as I was invited back to be on the legends show.. I have also Won the Great British taste tour and my Catchphrase episode has just aired..I always get asked how I get on Game shows and I just say sign up to beonscreen.com =) - Charlene Smith

BEONSCREEN has had a marked effect on my life
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I was on “The whole nineteen yards” in 2010 a quiz/game show which involved being asked a question on a specific subject , then completing an obstacle course BEFORE answering that question. The show was hosted by Vernon Kaye , assisted by Caroline flack. I had an incredible day, got to the fourth game before knocking myself out, a result of dropping on to a metal floor from a height – BUT – I got up and completed the course albeit too late to secure my place in the next round and I met Vernon Kaye. I also recorded “pointless” in March 2013,the show is expected to be aired in June 2013. I also recorded the pilot for “Help for Heroes” and recently the pilot for a new channel 4 show in the making, called “The Jury”. So yes, BEONSCREEN has had a marked effect on my life (I am 58 on good Friday) and I can say in total honesty that none of this would have been possible without you - THANK YOU.

i won the show and a free round the world trip!!!
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I applied for BBC3's Young, Dumb & Living Off Mum on Beonscreen - I had to live in a house with 7 other people for 6 weeks and complete challenges as we each got voted off, and I ended up winning the show and a round-the-world trip. It also opened doors for me getting me onto other shows such as T4's Gaga's Monsters and The Pitch.

4 shows and counting
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Since Joining beonscreen I have been on the following shows Breakaway Horizon Tonight Something for nothing ( yet to screened ) I have found the whole experience very interesting. Every show is different and you meet lots and lots of people that you would never meet in your everyday life. I have always been very well looked after and have enjoyed lots of perks My family and friends think its hillarious that at my age I have a new hobby but why not !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners
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I took part in Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners on Channel 4. I thoroughly enjoyed my TV experience. The days were long and tiring but the production crew were fab and we had an absolute blast. It was great to see how things work on the other side of the camera and I would love to do it again!

We won!!
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My worst nightmare was a question on football (against Shawn!) I got my favourite Chaser, but my worst subject! But we won and that's all that counts! Trish

ITV's Dinner Date
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I appeared on ITV1 on the Dinner Date show. I did the cooking - which was most definitely an experience not only for me - but most definitely for him. The chap's name was Don and he was from Stockport. Unfortunately he was not my type at all and I think feelings were mutual with him also. To say the show was fun would be a definite yes to say the cooking was a shambles would also be a definite yes I loved doing the show and had such good fun working with the camera crew and trying out my culinary skills...not haha. I would love to re-apply for this show but I would like to the one that goes round the guy's houses. All my friends loved the show and said it was the funniest episode they have ever seen - I visited Canada just recently and took the DVD over to show them - they loved it.

Lucy Upson won £975
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I was on Face The Clock on Channel 4 in February. I filmed in Scotland, had a really nice time, Met Rory Bremner who was lovely and I won £975.

Thank you Beonscreen
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I found an invitation from the producers of Channel's 4 "Skin & Bare It" on Beonscreen and applied. To my delight, I was contacted in a matter of hours and the filming started shortly afterwards. It was a great experience and I LOVED every moment of it! Thank you Beonscreen, one day I will make it thanks to you!!! Sanja Moore

i walked away with £1,970

After signing up with beonscreen 18months ago i applied to go on THE WEAKEST LINK i was selected for audition and from there was selected for the show. it was a great experience and even better when i actually won !!!! i walked away with £1,970 . whoop whoop

BBC 1 Documentary Goodnight Britain
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I was on the BBC1 Documentary Goodnight Britain. I was diagnosed with sleep apnoea which is a condition that effected my sleep pattern. Worse of all was that I actually died during my sleep sometimes up to 25 seconds unless I woke up by a snore or my partner.

I was flown to La
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Scream Extreme - series 3 (previously named "Scream if You Know The Answer" "Flown to sunny LA, saw 1D on the plane, cruised down the Hollywood streets, dinner with Duncan James (even hotter in the flesh) rode amazing rollercoasters, made friends with Sam from TOWIE, kicked Coolio's butt and of course won £2k allowing me to go travelling. Best experience ever? Understatement!"

Philip clarke
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I came second in my episode of "Face The Clock" which meant that I only won "bus fare home", but I still rate it as my best quiz experience out of the four I've been on. Thanks for being a part of it "beonscreen"

i was on e4
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"THE WORK EXPERIENCE" on E4. was brilliant experience if i could do it again i would do it, i have been in contact with celebrity and i felt abit KIM KARADASHIAN STYLE LOL hahaha with cameras around me every mnts, and the producer and the actors all the cast was absolutely amazing what amazing ppl i meet there.

Donna Platts was on Channel 4!!
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I applied to take part in Channel 4 quiz show 1001 Things you Should know. This was not something I had ever done before and was all totally new to me but the whole experience from start to finish was exciting and fun. I unfortunately did not win anything but the amazing time I had and people I met more than made up for that.

Ant and Decs 'Push the button'
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I was on Ant and Decs 'Push the button'. It was filmed live on Saturday night but before the live show, earlier in the week, my sister and I had to take part in a surprise challenge...diving! We were trained by Olympic medalist Pete Waterfield. It was really hard and hurt every muscle in my body. We beat the boys on the dive challenge and on the live show my 3 sisters and I won the final show of the series and it was a brilliant experience. It was also great meeting Ant and Dec.

alan pogmore - wipeout

Total wipeout season 1 episode 6 "ALANS WORLD" 5 days in Buenos Aires with 20 other fantastic people, great show expert handling from producers a knockout presenter. what more cam I say. best experience ever. thanks so much beonscreen.

Sarah Beeny's "Sell your home on line"

I was on Sarah Beeny's "Sell your home on line". I was able to sell my property on the show and I got the price I wanted. I would always try whenever any show I fancy comes along I might be lucky again. I must say thank you to beonsceen for making it possible for me to meet Sarah and all her great crew!! Nana Ampaw

Linda dykes
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I have recently been in a 6 week series for Channel 4 (Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners) which was aired February 13th 2013-March 20th 2013.I travelled the country to meet up with other obsessive cleaners to help clean Britain's dirty homes and filthy public spaces. Each week a compulsive cleaner was carefully matched with someone whose home is in dire need of a major spring clean, while two of the cleaners helped me in a community clean. The results were fantastic, hard work, but so enjoyable.

I won £20k on deal or no deal
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After applying via Beonscreen.com I auditioned in Leeds & I was told at the time that I was just the kind of person they were looking for. I had almost two fantastic weeks in Bristol filming 20 shows and winning £20,000 was an unbelievable climax to my experience.

IT WAS an unreal experience
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I was on Dating In The Dark episode 8, 2nd series. It was such an unreal experience and loved being recognised in the street by strangers the day after it was on tv! I truly felt like I had my 5 minutes of fame.

Errol Mundy
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The Show that I appeared through application of Beonscreen is 'Oddonein' the show is a guess which one by having a judging panel consisting of tv celebritys Peter Andre, Jack Whitehall, Jenny Eclair, Michael Mcintyre,Hosted by ' Bradley Walsh ' contributers myself Errol Mundy and 4 others dress up as Karate experts and the judging panel competing against each other guess which one is the rule deal meaning who out the five was the Black belt and could chop a plank of wood in half, the filming of the show was at ' Elstree ' Watford it was a great day the filming crew, producers,and even the catering people were just fantastic,

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Been on screen 3 times and won £30,205!
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I have been a member of beonscreen for a number of years and have used them when ever the opportunities came along I have appeared on screen 3 times and won £30,205 and a goody bag and have attended numerous auditions I love Beonscreen!

Snog, Marry, Avoid
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Thanks to Beonscreen I appeared on Snog,Marry,Avoid where POD told me I was “sucking the life out of style” the show has even aired in Australia! I also filmed for an E4 Fashion Show in with Storyvault TV, which was fun, and I met some cast members from The Bill!

We were on 2 shows!

hi my name is lauren and myself and my husband john were helped by beonscreen to get onto dangerous drivers school for john and sex in court on e4 in 2007, we loved being on both of them and even the kids were included

it was the best experience of my life
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Hey I'm Cian Michael Hughes, I was on Sun, Sex and Suspicious Parents I know you're probably thinking I should hate Beonscreen but it was the best experience of my life. The best holiday I've ever had. I have so many memories and I wish I could do it again and appearing on BBC Threes biggest show has opened so many doors for me. People stop me in the street for photos and who knows what the next show will bring me

I wrestled Peter Andre
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I was on Keith Lemons Lemonaid. I asked to be a wrestler for the day, I was chosen and wrestled Peter Andre dressed as a giant Lemon, to the envy of middle aged women everywhere! Neill from Cambridge.

finalist on britains best brain
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Britains best brain, finalist and Face the Clock Ive been on a few others as well. I have been given the chance to test my mental grit against other quizzers, still not won YET! But I will keep trying

We were on Kirsties Vintage Home
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My wife, daughter and i appeared on Kirsties Vintage Home televised in December last year. The experience was a fabulously rewarding one albeit quite stressful as my wife was late in her pregnancy with our first child during some of the filming. We learnt an awful lot about how to reuse and revitalize old and existing items of household furniture and accessories.

Beat the clock
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Hi I was on Beat the clock on channel 4 in November 2012, it was a fun experience. Everyone was really nice and the whole filming was relaxed and i felt completely at ease and we had a good laugh behind the scenes. The people i was on the show with were lovely and we had a good time. Unfortunately i didn't win but its the taking part that counts.

LEON wilczynski

I love the whole experience,meeting new people,the competition,the TV studio and of course occasionally winning a prize !!On Deal or no Deal we spent 2 weeks in a nice hotel with some amazing people many of which are still friends,every night was party night and we had a great laugh in the studio,everybody was so supportive and i won some money !

Comedy Cuts on ITV2
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I was a supporting artist on Comedy Cuts on ITV2 about 6 years ago. It wasn't paid however there was plenty of free food! I think the whole of Pizza Hut was ordered! It was just a quick 5 second shot but about an hour filming. Lots of fun :)

i won £8k on catchphrase!!
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Asa here and I appeared and won £8, 600 on Catchphrase in May. I'd never applied for anything before but hope to use Be On Screen to get my next televisual fix!

it fulfilled all my dreams!
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We were on: "wedding house" for channel 4. My husband and I applied for "wedding house" where we could have a theme wedding, and anything went! I choose a Disney themed wedding, I went for Beauty and the Beast, which was a theme I'd never seen before, We had candelabras, chandeliers,roses and my wedding dress was a gorgeous replica of Belles ball gown from the film. It was a wedding we would of never been able to afford had it not been for channel 4 and beonscreen, and it fulfilled all my dreams!

Joe Launchbury - 3 TV shows!
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I was on Kill It, Cook It, Eat It series 3 on BBC3 back in 2008 courtesy of applying from beonscreen.com I was sent up to Scotland for the weekend and got to kill and gut a rabbit. Was great fun, a once in a lifetime experience.

Captain Beany
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Thanks to BEONSCREEN, I have made numerous television debuts on both national and international related media programmes!

Loads of game show appearances!

I have been fortunate enough to have appeared on Deal Or No Deal (won £5000), Weakest Link, Brainteaser, 100 v 1, Wogan's Perfect Recall & Tipping Point all through beonscreen!!! Tim Lenihan

I WAs treated like a celeb

I'm Brenda, I regularly get mail from Beonscreen, and through this, I applied and was successful at going on The Weakest Link, five years ago. I had the most amazing time, and managed to get through to the final, but didn't win the money. I since applied to go on The Common Denominator, and was also successful with that audition too. Yet again the experience was phenomenal.I was treated like a celebrity on both occasions, well looked after by all of the team on both shows, and stayed in lovely first class hotels. I still keep an eye open when Beonscreen send me mail,and look forward to another show that catches my eye

Tipping Point Series 2
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I was on Tipping Point Series 2. I had a fantastic experience, I won £1550 and a spa day for two. Ben was a lovely and the production staff were all very welcoming. Got a bit of stick when the episode was on, I scraped through every round and I guess some people didn't think I should've won! Thank you, Emma =)

it's all thanks to beonscreen! - Faye louise shaw
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I have been on im a celebrity get me out of here now itv2 I was asked on who I would like to win Also was on deal or no deal was asked to call out no deal and Noel interviewed me briefly on why I would no deal haha great fun! Also had a seat right behind the judges at one of the xfactor finals! All through beonscreen I have done many tv and mag features too being a model this is excellent exposure for me and I love meeting the lovely people too! :)) I have now applied for the new catchphrase really hoping I get short listed!

BBC's 10 Years Younger

Thanks to Beonscreen I was able to apply for a new show called 10 Years Younger, I was chosen to be the first on the show! It was the most amazing experience of my life,they turned me into a stunning lady in just 10 days! I LOVED EVERY SECOND!!!

Andy Mcdermott won £5k
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I was on the exit list with my mate Andy Mcdermott and win won £5000 between us, it was a great show even though we hit every panic room on the game, but made good viewing, we got treated really well, and thank beonscreen for getting me on the show.